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Orgnostic is a people analytics platform that allows organizations, leaders, and HR professionals to measure and manage organizational capital with the same rigor typically reserved for measuring financial results.

Essentially, we took the most important findings from more than 30 years of organizational psychology research and used those models to construct a set of tools for capturing, processing, and analyzing employee data so that working HR practitioners can make better decisions today.

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Single source of truth for all HR data

Orgnostic allows you to seamlessly integrate HR data from multiple disparate tools into a single source of truth. More than 20 popular HR platforms, HRIS, and ATS tools are supported, including Bamboohr, Lever, Recruitee, Personio, and many others. The full list of integrations is available here.

Using a proprietary Metadata Model, Orgnostic cleans and normalizes inputs from external sources, resulting in a comprehensive but structured data set. From this foundation, the platform constructs consistent, accurate, and reliable metrics.

One-click employee surveys

Apart from collecting external data, Orgnostic also provides an internal survey tool that makes it easy to send survey invitations, follow-up reminders, as well as to segment and analyze results.

Orgnostic provides two types of surveys:

  1. Data filler are automated ongoing surveys sent to employees at specific stages of their employment, such as onboarding or exiting. Their results are used to construct various metrics about recruitment practices and turnover trends.
  2. Diagnostic surveys encompass a selection of peer-reviewed survey instruments developed by leading I/O psychology researchers. These surveys provide insight into more complex aspects of your organization, such as culture, team effectiveness, employee engagement, burnout, or psychological safety.

Surveys: helpful documentation

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