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Introduction to Data Health.

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The Data health page will show you a list of any missing or incomplete employee data as well as ways to fix those issues.

Frequent visits to this page should be a priority because Orgnostic heavily relies on external data from your ATS and HRIS to construct its various story chapter metrics and filters (and to properly distribute survey invitations).

Hence, to make your Orgnostic metrics reliable and complete, you must first ensure that the data it collects is reliable and complete.

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How to access the Data Health page?

You can access the Data Health page through the link in the global navigation bar on the top of every page.

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If your data is 100% healthy

If the top of the Data Health page reports that your data is 100% healthy it means that your HRIS and ATS contain all the data Orgnostic can use, that your data filler surveys are active, and that there’s not even a single data point for a single employee that’s missing.

If that’s the case, you can move on without looking at the remainder of the page.

If your data is less than 100% healthy

If your data is less than 100% healthy it means that employee records in your HRIS or ATS or both are incomplete. Or that one or more data filler surveys are inactive.

Scroll down to see the list of attributes that need to be fixed ("Needs Improving") or added ("Missing section").

Each entry in the list will include: